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NTS – Retrieve release cover art

To get the release cover images by musicbrainz release id, just point to http://coverartarchive.org/release/{mbid}.
For example go to http://coverartarchive.org/release/c63b0c2e-aa56-4808-bf4f-14c9f6a9982d to get a JSON doc with metadata like paths to images for Crystal Castles’ III release.
Or you could populate a src attribute of an img tag with:

Via MusicBrainz

MashPlayer is out!

I finally released MashPlayer!
This is my first project I’m not ashamed to show to public…
It is a web app that allows you to search and listen to online music.
I mean, there are a lot of services that allow you to do that, what’s different in MashPlayer?
You don’t have to sign up and it still remembers all your playlists and your favourite songs!
To you techy guys: it uses HTML5 features to avoid using server side code.
Thanks to MusicBrainz and YouTube API you’ve got a huge catalog to browse to satisfy every music taste.
Next features in the roadmap are sharing on social networks and direct link to tracks you love, support for Ex.fm API and responsive design for a mobile friendly interface.
So, hope you’ll enjoy it and be sure to leave your feedback to let me know what you don’t like about it and what features you’d love to have!