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New version of MashPlayer is out! (v0.6.4)

After some time of inactivity here is the new version of MashPlayer.
And here what’s changed from last version:

  • NEW LOGO! YAY! (thanks to Morbo aka Idiotist!). I know, I’ve incredibly resized it and put it in an almost hidden place, but I’m planning a complete restyle.
  • Upcoming events in your area for current artist (thanks to Songkick‘s API).
  • Buy album you’re listening on Amazon.com. Protip: if you change Amazon’s domain (.com, .it, .de…) to different countries you’ll get different prices.
  • Recently Ex.fm got some problem on their server so when searching matches for songs MashPlayer had some troubles or slowness, fixed that
  • bugfix: playlist was repeted even if “repeat” was not selected
  • bugfix: when clicking play on a track in the middle of playlist with “repeat” off, next track would always be the first of the playlist
  • bugfix: clicking on facebook icon to share a link closed the mashplayer window

Hope you’ll like it and you’ll give me some feedback